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Israeli & Japanese Business Development Training – Workshop

You only get one chance to make a first impression, and even more so in Japan. So, as part of the needed preparations before meeting the first potential partner or investor, we suggest you participate in our workshops, lectures, or even enjoy a 1-on-1 mentoring session with our leadership team. Acquiring Japanese oriented knowledge is a valuable resource that will further enhance your ability to handle your business process effectively and make a lasting impression when engaging with potential investors or business partners in Japan.

Our workshops and lectures provide practical insights into Japanese corporate cultural normsbusiness communication, and effective strategies for building rapport. You will learn valuable techniques for navigating the unique dynamics of Japanese business interactions. Our experienced business support consultants will guide you through various scenarios, offering feedback and personalized advice to help you refine your communication skills. Obtaining knowledge about Japan’s business practices will definitely make you and your company over shine your competitors, as the Japanese tend to appreciate foreign business people who make the effort to understand and adjust to their unique business requirements.

For a more personalized learning experience, our 1-on-1 mentoring sessions with our leadership team are designed to cater to your specific needs and goals. These sessions offer a deeper level of guidance and support, allowing you to address any concerns or challenges you may have when communicating in a business setting or when working on your Japanese go-to-market planning. Our mentors, with their extensive experience and knowledge, will provide valuable insights and practical tips to help you excel in your interactions.

By taking advantage of our workshops, lectures, mentoring, and language training programs, you’ll be well-prepared to navigate the intricacies of Japanese business communication. Make the best impression possible and build strong relationships with potential partners and investors in Japan. Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive business communication resources and how they can empower you to succeed in the Japanese business landscape.


From start-ups to mature companies, each has its own challenges. Network in Motion is a strategic partner for your company and help you grow every step of the way.

What our costumers are saying

Our company, Ice Cure Medical Ltd, recently engaged Network in Motion to assist us in drafting an employment agreement for a local Japanese sales representative. We needed an agreement that would address the nuances of Japanese employment laws and also incorporate a bonus mechanism.
Throughout the engagement, Network in Motion consistently provided us with clear and concise guidance, making sure we understood all of our options and the implications of each decision.
Thanks to Network in Motion's exceptional work, we were able to finalize an employment agreement that met all of our requirements and also complied with Japanese employment laws. They are truly the best in the industry, and we look forward to working with them again in the future.

Eyal Shamir CEO Ice Cure Medical Ltd’s Business Success in Japan with Network in Motion's Expert Consultation Services
Eyal Shamir CEO of Ice Cure Medical Ltd

For Acoustiguide, a global leader of audio tour software and hardware solutions provider, Japan is naturally one of our most significant and high potential markets. We have been doing business in Japan more than 20 years, yet, managing from abroad poses various challenges for us, thus may require experienced and trustworthy consultants which have a local team in Japan to drive structural and local tailored solutions when challenges occur. We found these qualities embedded within Network in Motion's team, which provided us with an accurate analysis of our local situation and a clear exit plan to drive our business forward. It was not only because of their resourceful ideas and profound market understanding but mainly thanks to their clear perception of our needs and priorities. Network in Motion's understanding of complex global organizations and the nuance of diverse cultures - business and otherwise - has generated great value on all fronts.

Daniela Gorelov, co-CEO & Managing Director of Acoustiguide Group
Daniela Gorelov co-CEO & Managing Director of Acoustiguide Group

As a small startup, making the right decisions and walk away from the bad ones is crucial. It is even more challenging when considering the Japanese market. We have found Network in Motion to be a valuable partner to help us navigate this market, with a clear overview of Japan’s unique business culture. Ira and Jun simply pushed us to apply to one of the top programs for international companies in Japan, helped us with local barriers and introduced us to potential clients and partners. We can see the fruits of their hard work and looking forward to scale in Japan.

Shahar Figelman, CEO of Selfit Medical
Shahar Figelman CEO of Selfit Medical

We recently had Ira Prigat speak at an online meeting organized by the department of academic international relations to understand the Japanese business culture. Feedback was off the charts for this great presentation. Ira took the stage (screen) and dazzled us all. He has an ability to read his audience and deliver the energy and messages they need and to integrate theoretical background with practical advices. It was an enlightening lecture in which the audience – faculty, students and graduates – was fully engaged. We encourage our students and graduates to explore new opportunities and hope to further promote academic collaborations between our institution and Japanese partners.

Dr. Vered Holzmann, The Academic College of Tel Aviv Yaffo
Dr. Vered Holzmann The Academic College of Tel Aviv Yaffo

We chosen Network in Motion, since we found Mr. Ira Prigat to be a suitable business person to assist Ecozone in its comercial activities in the Japanese market. The challenge set for Network in Motion is to expand Ecozone's business potential in Japan, by finding additional market niches for Ecozone products, as well as additional partners to significantly increase Ecozone sales volume. They proved to be highly familiar with the Japanese market characteristics & business culture (most important), deep understanding of the business practice in general and in particular with Ecozone’s business needs. Working with Network in Motion’s team, especially with Jun & Ira is both professional and efficient (as well as nice)!

Mr. Uri Bustan, CEO of Ecozone Technologies
Mr. Uri Bustan CEO of Ecozone Technologies

Few weeks ago Ira was a guest lecturer in a networking event of the graduates of our MBA program in Healthcare Innovation at IDC. Ira, who spoke about The Secrets of Japan’s Business Culture was absolutely amazing, he made it so vivid, energetic and informative. Though we thought of it as a teaser, Ira was so fascinating that it went longer, with the audience completely taken by him and texting me during the talk how great he is, asking me to be sure to bring him back for a longer talk. Thank you Ira, and see you soon. – January 20th, 2021

Prof. Varda Liberman, Head, MBA in Healthcare Innovation Arison School of Business
Prof. Varda Liberman Head, MBA in Healthcare Innovation Arison School of Business

My impression is that Network in Motion enjoys deep acquaintance and extensive network with major enterprises in the Japanese market. When they approach a new project, no matter if they are familiar with the field or not, they made a lot of strategic and investigation work before they approach the desired enterprise: they deeply study the field and product offerings, brain storm with us the available opportunities, share their knowledge with and strongly collaborate in order to reach the optimal, tailor made proposal for the enterprise to fit a win-win strategy for both businesses.

Ms. Hamutal Cohen Yitzhak, CEO of Else Nutrition
Ms. Hamutal Cohen Yitzhak CEO of Else Nutrition


    Effective business communication is crucial in Japan due to the significance placed on etiquette, hierarchy, and respect in Japanese business culture. Building strong relationships, conveying your message clearly, and understanding local customs can greatly impact your success when engaging with potential partners or investors.

    Our workshops and lectures provide practical insights into Japanese business
    communication, cultural norms, and effective strategies for building rapport. You can expect
    interactive sessions, real-life scenarios, and guidance from experienced facilitators who will
    help you navigate the dynamics of Japanese business interactions. We will equip you with
    the effective tools and key understandings of the business process and challenges, so you
    will be able to address these dynamic interactions successfully when the time comes.

    Our 1-on-1 mentoring sessions offer a personalized learning experience tailored to your specific needs and goals. Through these sessions, you can address specific concerns, receive individualized guidance, and gain valuable insights from our experienced mentors, enabling you to excel in your business efforts. It will also allow you to better understand your Japanese requests, which can help support building a healthy and successful business in Japan.
    Improved business communication skills enable you to establish stronger connections, build trust, and navigate cultural nuances more effectively. By understanding Japanese business communication norms and employing appropriate strategies, you can make a lasting impression, convey your ideas clearly, and increase your chances of success in the Japanese market.
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