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"Go-to-Market" Planning

Japan is the world’s 3rd largest economy with a huge buying power, where large scale med-tech players operate, thus it is necessary to make the right preparations before meeting your potential business partners or investors. 

In order to be ready to present your technology to potential partners or investors, our team will set forth a Go-to-Market plan that covers the necessary information and data needed for you to be prepared (such as regulatory pathway, KOLs opinion, strategic positioning, etc). In addition, we will support the communication process, as Japanese are very detail oriented, which means that one needs to know how to manage these questions and data sharing. 

Israelis doing business in the US and Europe are used to a direct and non-formal discussion with their business counterparts. However Japanese people are conducting very formal business practice, while expecting you to come well prepared with relevant data about Japan, just as you would do your homework when meeting with large scale global firms. 

Business Development

We believe a business should always be in motion, striving to create new business opportunities in high probability markets with high returns.  To be moving means to create new competitive business opportunities, as well as an additional value to your company’s stakeholders. We believe setting Japan as one of your company’s key target markets can help you reach a world-class position. 

Our team of Israelis and Japanese serves you in both locations, while totally eliminating cultural and geographic barriers. Moreover, your company enjoys our vast business network, our professional experience, our deep personal ties with key decision makers in some of the largest Japanese corporations and investors, healthcare organizations and physicians. We  can help you create such growth opportunities and act as a one-stop-shop supporting your Japan market entry, by preparing you, setting meetings with potential business partners or investors and optimize your success rate.

Feasibility Check for Startups

Startups are usually in a constant pressure of making quick and high probability decisions, thus they do not wish to invest much time and effort in checking the potential of a new market. As a business development consulting firm, we have a similar interest as we also want to “bet on the right horse”. Especially for these cases we offer a fast feasibility check, which can give you a quick “go / no go” direction:

  1. Build an investors’ deck
  2. Get KOLs’ feedback for your product
  3. Conclusions

Other Services

Training – Workshop/ Lecture/ Mentoring

You only get one chance to make a first impression and even more so in Japan. So as part of the needed preparations before meeting the first potential partner or investor we suggest you participate in our workshops, lectures or even enjoy a 1 on 1 mentoring of our leadership team, as we will help you be ready to handle your meetings and make the best compression when discussing  with potential investors or business partners in Japan.

PoC or Research Opportunities

Having the ability to conduct local research activities or a PoC provides any medical firm with the opportunity to develop clinical tie ups with  researchers, physicians and KOLs in the target market, as well as to collect local data, which is a powerful tool in any market entry process. We welcome you to use our connections with some of Japan’s leading medical institutes, university hospitals and Elderly Homes, where you can gain credibility for your technology.  

Exposure Opportunities & Local Competitions

We know that some of the best ways for a company to catch the attention of local business partners or investors is to take part in a local tech-competition in the target market. Therefore, we have developed ties with local organizations, tech-competitions, among other opportunities where  you can take part and advocate your technology to the right people. 

Crisis Management

Every business encounters difficulties and obstacles at some point and even more so when doing business in a new, different, foreign market like Japan. We can get you through these challenges, be it regulatory, KOLs relationships, distributor’s management, employment & recruitment matter, legal issues, regulatory and reimbursement activities, among others.

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