“Unicorns” are mythical creatures, yet are also known to describe technology-driven startups that reached a valuation of over $1 billion dollars. Israel, a county with only 9 million people and the size of Shikoku Island in Japan, is a “factory” of Unicorns.

Ira Prigat, Founder & President of Network in Motion Ltd., shares his experiences and provides key advice to Israeli med-tech entrepreneurs about Japan market entry.  
Efrat speaks with Ira about the Japan medical market potential and the importance of making the right preparations before diving into a whole new business culture.

Now more than ever Japan has become a major market to operate in. While the preparation for the Olympic and Paralympic games are at their peak and despite the Covid-19’s crisis situation, Japanese corporates are becoming actively involved in strategic tie-ups and investments.

Seven of the ten oldest companies in the world are Japanese companies.
This means that when you are working with a Japanese company, especially a giant corporation, you will probably be working with an “well cooked” business practice, almost antique business with its own habits, its own business culture and its own set of rules to which you will have to adhere.

There is one characteristic that is shared by all entrepreneurs – they swim against the current, while being in a constant peruse to challenge existing technologies or solutions.

What should you do to succeed in entering this wonderful market?

One way of getting that sought-after investment in your startup is by finding new markets and investors and Japan is a rich country with a wide range of investment platforms.

Japan is the land of opportunities no one is telling you about. 
With a population of more than 125 million people and is the world 3rd largest economy as of 2021, therefore, Japan has a massive buying power for goods and technologies.

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