Japan Market Potential – Try Swimming Against the Current


Founder and President of Network in Motion Ltd.

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There is one characteristic that is shared by all entrepreneurs – they swim against the current, while being in a constant peruse to challenge existing technologies or solutions.

They are bright, articulated and are able to convince angels or VCs to believe in their vision and technology. Yet somewhere down the road they are requested to shift their attention to convince larger investors to finance the product’s development road map.

The shift from being a technological expert to handling investment rounds or finding strategic partners is not a natural shift for most entrepreneurs. As mastering negotiations demands a different skills’ set.

In addition, generally Israeli entrepreneurs and VCs pursue American capital as the US market is huge and there are many large-scale corporates such as Medtronic, Boston Scientific, Abbott, J&J among others. However, they are already rooted in the Israeli market and are familiar with its ecosystem. For these reasons, I would like to present a new funds raising channel and to help you swim against the current, by hooking up with a Japanese investors or business partners.

Japan is the 3rd largest global economy and the 2nd largest medical market after the USA. It is also ranked 1st in having the largest elderly population, which makes it one of the most attractive medical markets with over 30 million people over the age of 65. In addition, Japan is the home of large scale international medical corporates like Canon, Terumo, Olympus, Teijin and others, who play a significant role globally.

To have a Japanese strategic partner means to enjoy not only its global presence, deep understanding of contemporary unmet needs. Japanese believe in long term and solid partnerships, they meet their revenue targets and pay on time. Furthermore, having a Japanese business partner is a token of high quality.

It is definitely not easy to tie up with Japanese, but I highly recommend it.

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