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Network in Motion to Create Investment Opportunities in Japan for Hadasit

Network in Motion and Hadasit today announced a strategic alliance to empower the accessibility of Israeli startups to Japanese leading corporate venture capital and large scale enterprises.

Tamar Raz and Ira Prigat

Mr. Ira Prigat, President of Network in Motion / Dr. Tamar Raz, Hadasit CEO

Adi and Jerusalem, Israel, April  20, 2021– Network in Motion Ltd., a business consulting firm specializing in creating sales and investment opportunities in Japan for Israeli Med-Tech companies, and Hadasit Medical Research Services and Development Ltd. (“Hadasit”), a technology transfer company of Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem, today announced a strategic alliance to promote the investments of Japanese firms in Hadasit’s portfolio companies.

Hadasit transforms cutting-edge research and groundbreaking ideas generated at Hadassah Medical Center into marketable medical technologies, viable products and services that can change the world. Network in Motion’s versatile team of experts and strategic partnerships allow the creation of strategic collaborations in research, co-development and integration of Hadasit’s technologies in various collaborations in Japan.

Japan stands as the world’s second-biggest medical device market, after the US and is set to reach $74.7 billion in 2025, growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.6%. Japan is also known for its growing elderly population and the vast governmental resources invested in to improve disease prevention and early detection, telemedicine, remote monitoring and AI data analysis.

Ira Prigat, President of Network in Motion shares his strategic view: “The collaboration with Hadasit is designed to expedite Network in Motion’s business network and its local presence in Japan to leverage Hadasit portfolio companies’ accessibility into the Japanese market. Hadasit is part of the Hadassah Hospital, ranked 1st in the world out of the US and 12th globally for its innovation in med-etch. We believe that working closely with the Japanese firms will enable us to expose Japanese professionals to Med-Tech innovative ideas, thus creating strategic and investment collaborations with leading Japanese Med-Tech companies. Moreover, doing business in Japan also requires a deep understanding of the Japanese decision making processes and communication norms and we trust that Network in Motion will be able to assist Hadasit’s portfolio startups in optimizing the various milestones to create successful partnerships.”

Dr. Tamar Raz, Hadasit CEO added – This is a great opportunity to introduce our portfolio companies to a significant and important market, and to find new partners to our novel initiatives in Digital Health such as Hadassah accelerator and Hadaseed fund. 


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