About Us

Who we are

Network in Motion is an Israeli company specializes in creating and managing multi-disciplinary business partnerships between Israeli and Japanese companies. Our mission is to create collaboration possibilities, by connecting people with innovative technologies.

Company Name

Throughout the history of mankind, business transactions were only made available when the negotiating parties achieved the right level of trust, which usually was based on a long acquaintance. We enjoy strong personal relationships with Japan;s leading Medical corporations and have tied our vision to our ability to leverage our business network for creating valuable business opportunities for tech-companies. Our business partners, KOLs and affiliates form an amazing business network, which empowers itself in constantly creating business opportunities for doing business in Japan.

Company Logo

Our logo was made by a Japanese brush stroke demonstrating a constant circular movement, which reflects our company’s business network’s constant energy to create more business and by that strengthening our network’s members. The circular movement constantly empowers its members and surroundings.

NiM logo

Ira Prigat

Founder and CEO of Network in Motion Ltd.

He serves as an executive, consultant and representative in various technological firms in both Israel and Japan, such as Itamar Medical Ltd., (NASDAQ: ITMR), where he serves as the President for Japan & China, since 2014. Prior to that, Ira was the President and CEO of Light Instruments Ltd. From 2010 – 2014, a global leader in dental & aesthetic laser technologies (a subsidiary of Syneron Medical (NASDAQ: ELOS).

Ira holds a BA in Japanese Studies from the East Asia Faculty and a BA Social Sciences from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel. He had lived in Japan for 4 years, while conducting his research at Tokyo University in the faculty of Social Science. Ira is also the alumnus of the lucrative JMEC Business Administration Program, in Tokyo, Japan. 

– A Board Member of the Israel-Japan Chamber of Commerce
 A Vice President at Itamar Medical Ltd (Nasdaq: ITMR) 

 A Med-Tech entrepreneur, a visionary and an expert for Japan’s business world.
– An invited speaker and a panelist in various international and Israeli conferences, such as NEDO (New Energy and Industrial Technology, Japan), ITAC Organization, US-Japan Med-Tech Innovation Forum in Japan, Med-in-Israel, Israel Ministry of Defense & Foreign Affairs.