Ira Prigat

Ira Prigat

Founder and President of Network in Motion Ltd.

Business Opportunities for Israeli Med-tech Companies

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Ira Prigat, Founder & President of Network in Motion Ltd., shares his experiences and provides key advice to Israeli med-tech entrepreneurs about Japan market entry.  
He  speaks about the Japan medical market potential and the importance of making the right preparations before diving into a whole new business culture.

  1. How can an Israeli company expand and grow to the international market?
  2. Why should an Israeli medical company enter the Japanese market?
  3. What is the difference between the Japanese market and the others?
  4. When is it a good time for the company to enter the
    Japanese market? At which stage?
  5. Please share one advice to an Israeli company that wants to enter the Japanese market

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What makes Israel so attractive for overseas companies?

Since over a decade ago, Israel has gained its rightful nicknames such as “startup nation” and “the 2nd silicon valley”. Israel is a very small country (the same size as SHIKOKU in Japan) with a population of 9 million people, so how is it possible that such a small country grows 500 to 1000 startups every year?

MIRAI X 2022

The MIRAI X (cross) is Japan’s one of the biggest business incubation/acceleration program supported by SMBC Nikko Securities Inc., Sumitomo Mitsui Bank, SMBC Venture Capital and leading investment houses seeking innovative technologies that could be quickly integrated into the Japanese market.

Strategic Alliance with Astoria

Network in Motion and Astoria Consulting Group today announced a strategic alliance to empower the accessibility of Israeli startups to Japanese leading corporate venture capital and large scale enterprises.

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