Japan’s No.1 Innovation Award (MIRAI 2021)

August 31th, 2020

The MIRAI Innovation Award is Japan’s largest and most rewarding international high-tech award winning program. It is supported by Japan’s largest organizations and commercial companies, such as Sumitomo Mitsui Bank, NEC, Panasonic, Mitsui Chemicals, Sumitomo Life and leading investment houses seeking innovative technologies that could be quickly integrated into the Japanese market. Winners of the MIRAI program will enjoy one of two unique awards: a $20,000 or a commercial tie up with one of the leading Corporates. Moreover, all companies that made it to the semi-final stage will enjoy an exposure to a large scale network of Japanese corporates and VCs. Network in Motion Ltd., is a special collaborator to MIRAI program and shall strive to support the Israeli companies overshined over other international companies. 

Award & Benefits

1.Financial award
A total of $100K shall be divided among 5 winners, in different categories.

2. Corporate award
Active pilot with one of the Japanese corporate.

3. Other Benefits
– Participation in Japan’s No.1 Business Pitch and Events where large Japanese corporations and VCs scout for technologies.
– Business plan development and mentoring support by VCs and experts.
– Periodic networking zoom sessions with leading Japanese corporations.

Who Qualifies:
Stage: Seed, Early and Revenue Stage Companies (Only Medical-related)
Technologies: Healthcare, Disease Prevention, Tele-Medicine, AI, IoT, Wearable , Elderly care, Robotics, AR/VR etc.

How to Apply:
E-mail: Mr. Ira Prigat (irap@network-in-motion.com) and Ms. Jun Ogiso (juno@network-in-motion.com)

September 24th (Thu), 2020

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