In recent years wide range of technologies, such as personal health diseases prevention, diagnosis, rehabilitation, medication-control and treatment of disease where tagged as Digital Health. The technologies convey a reduction of medical costs, reduce the manpower overload, by providing community based or home healthcare and improves diagnostic analysis, by leveraging big data and machine learning capabilities. All of the above improves medical team’s analytic and prediction abilities, expands treatment of out-patients, aging society and high risk patients’ control, thus reduces the economic burden associated medical expenditures.

Israeli digital health startups raised $662 million, over 69 deals along 2019, which reflects a YoY increase of 32%, with 580 digital health companies, including digital therapeutics, remote monitoring & decision making, machine learning (ML) & artificial intelligent (AI) diagnostics, patients’ engagement & assertive devices.

In recent years the radiology field (X-ray, US, CT and MRI) has shown a growing demand for AI & ML solutions. Zebra‘s empowers radiologists in making better decisions via its revolutionary AI and ML tech-platforms. With database of millions of imaging scans, it creates analyzed data in real time with human level accuracy to provide radiologists assistance allowing them to manage growing workloads, without sacrificing quality. Zebra ( already collaborates with world leaders such as Google, J&J and Philips.

Aidoc develops AI decision making support software, which provide comprehensive abnormalities across the whole body (head, pulmonary embolism, abdomen, c-spine and chest), thus helps radiologists prioritize life threatening cases and expertise patients” care. Aidoc ( technology protects patient privacy and is HIPAA & GDPR compliance and can be integrated into any PACS and RIS systems.

Anxiety, stress & sleep disorders are common illness effecting the wellbeing. Contrary, lack of quality sleep time may lead to stress, thus impair the quality of life. Itamar Medical ( develops home sleep testing device (HST) for sleep apnea providing AHI, AHIc, RDI and ODI based on True Sleep Time & Sleep Staging. The company is a world leader in the integration of Sleep Apnea management into the cardiac patient care pathway.

CalmiGo ( provides an immediate handheld device that relief to stress, anxiousness and stress moments, by regulating users’ breathing and stimulating their senses. It is small enough to carry in your purse and it can be used anywhere and anytime. It is fast, completely safe and easy for anybody to use. It is a drug-free solution that adapts ones’ unique breathing pattern.