In recent years’ Israeli companies have created extremely innovative solutions for the logistic “TA-Q-BIN” industry. Changing existing traditional & fatigue logistic industry into an advance AI & data utilization, e-commerce, robotic picking & automatic storage management and visualizing outsourced vehicle fleet. At the heart of innovation design stands the ultimate wish to provide a holistic system that takes into consideration different needs in a changing environment, to providing JIT solution for various customers.

One such company is Caja Robotics ( – an Israeli company that provides a unique combination of two types of robots: a lift robot for storage optimization and a replenishment & cart robot for picking and fast transporting of boxes.  This robot to robot communication powered by cloud ML & AI technologies, which save 60% of picker’s time and 30% of warehouse labor cost, it increases storage capacity by 50% and throughput by 40%.

Other interesting Israeli company is Fabric ( – the company created an optimized storage density & warehousing management system, applicable in small and large scale spaces. This G2P (good to person) system increase labor efficacy by 10X and ensure accurate picking & stock management. Within less than 100 days any site could be full operative.   

The Coronavirus increased the awareness for having an automatic supply chain, without humans’ touch, however nowadays robots demonstrate an ability to execute smart, planned, on time supply chain that combines wide range of state of the art technologies, all synchronized to optimize customers’ unique needs.

Japan is the 3rd largest economy with huge manufacturing power, where trading companies, retailers and logistic suppliers are in need for advance storage management and transportation technologies.

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