Doing business in Japan could turn into a life changing event for any Med-Tech companies, as Japan is the world’s 3rd largest economy with a population of over 120 million and an increasing aging society that inflicts huge burden on its healthcare system. The Covid-19 eruption amplified Japan’s need for Digital Health, remote monitoring, and tele-medicine solutions, as well as smart diagnostics, interventional & surgical technologies, imaging and so forth.   

Israelis are known for their innovative technology, while Japanese are known for their profound technological understanding, thorough process and scale up abilities, thus we believe that the connection between Israel and Japan should create great success stories. In addition, Japanese have the capability to integrate a wide range of technologies into their products and services line – a true paradise. On the other hand, Japanese have a unique business culture that has strong impact on the way Japanese conduct business. From decision making process, to communication manners, and to the long time to build trust relationships before connecting commercially, elements that will eventually dictate the success of the business cooperation.

Network in Motion is an Israeli Business Development Consulting firm specializes in creating sales & investment opportunities in Japan for Israeli Med-Tech companies. We enjoy a wide range of business & strategic tie ups with leading Med-tech giants in Japan, which keeps us constantly engaged with daily technological scouting, business development, investment transactions, sales and distributors’ management activities. 

Our team and professional advisors are dually located in Israel & Japan and support the entire market entry process, match to strategic partners, provide regulatory advisory, assist along the deal flow negotiations, as well as post-deal support. Our connections with medical companies, healthcare organizations, innovation platforms, leading KOLs and PMDA regulatory advisories will save your company valuable time, money and misunderstandings, while bringing you up to speed and increase your success rate in finding a suitable business partner. 

We look forward to helping you create your success story in Japan.

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