Business Seminar (Doing business with Japanese)

May 27th, 2018

Mr. Prigat, President of Network in Motion, was invited on May 27, 2018 to hold a daily seminar on how to manage business relationships with Japanese partners, as part of the efforts taken by the Israeli Export Institute efforts to develop business ties with Japan. 

The seminar focused on 3 levels of corporations and the necessary preparations needed for success: Understanding the vast opportunities in doing business with Japanese, learning how to overcome cultural and language barriers, and how to grow your business in Japan.

 The opening notes honor was given to Ms. Rie Matsumoto, Japanese Economic Attache’ who explained the importance of understanding the Japanese decision making process and the role of a trustworthy mediator. 

Ira presented via live examples to the steps needed to succeed: Thinking long term, having patients along the Nemawashi process, know your strategy and how to create revenues, be open for product’s localization, set your regulatory pathway in advance and be ready to support on every angle of the business. 


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