Lecture at a business forum in Osaka

February 14th, 2017

At the “Israel Business Technology Exchange Forum” held on February 14, 2017 in Osaka, sponsored by the New Co-Creative Industry Technology Support Organization (ITAC), our president Ira Prigat gave a lecture about the latest technological innovation in Cardiology. 

In a lecture called The EndoPAT Technology – A Revolutionary Bio-Marker for Early Detection of Disease”, Ira discussed the importance of Endothelial Dysfunction risk assessment developed by and Israeli company called Itamar Medical, which was inspired by a 1980 Nobel Prize revolution. That group of researchers revealed importance of Endothelial Dysfunction assessment as the earliest sign for cardiovascular events. 

The second scientific revolution Ira discussed was the  “Quorum sensing & Bacterial communication in the aid of disease prevention”. A revolutionary with chemical and biological roots, which present the ability to prevent disease by disturbing bacteria communication, thus to prevent them from attacking the body.

We have received a lot of feedback, including talks on bacterial communication, including vascular endothelial function testing equipment already used in many universities and hospitals in Japan.


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